Group Discounts



Does your property management company want to save even more? We are happy to negotiate discount rates for hotel management companies for their property portfolio. Any hotel management company that would like to inquire about discounted rates can contact our team –

Our Group Discounts offer your portfolio of hotels and resorts a negotiated discount on all custom products throughout our platform. All your managed properties will be added to your “user group” and automatically receive the negotiated discount at check-out. This program provides instant savings and we can track the savings with sales reports that we can provide to you.

Why wait for a rebate check? Why pay your money up front only to get your money back later under special terms and conditions? With our group discounts you get these savings instantly, so you can use the savings now.

Below is a screen capture of how discounts will appear for everyone in your user group. Group discounts are negotiated for each management company and based on the number of hotels, quarterly and yearly spend rates. Discounted rates are tiered for deeper discounts as spending increases across the user group.

Group Discounts

Contact our team today to sign-up your portfolio up for instant savings