Loyalty Program



Every product factory charges a set-up fee for any custom order. This cost is charged to companies like ours to cover the expenses of outputting the client’s artwork, setting up their special machinery to decorate the customers artwork and the time to pull the product that gets decorated. This overhead cost is always passed on to us. The typical product set-up fee is $40 - $95 dollars per product, depending on the item and the decoration method.

Girvin Stores will pay these set-up fees for every order, but we will NOT pass that charge onto you.

Savings Example: Let’s take this Eros Non-Woven Tote bag as an example of possible savings. You want to order 75 black bags with your logo.

75 bags x $1.78 = $133.50

If you added the $48 set-up fee your total would be $181.50. In this case, your order total would’ve been 36% higher with the set-up fee charged.

No Set Up Fees!